My Vision for a More Fulfilling Life in 2024

An improved mindset around money. Sometimes making money comes from getting creative in your execution instead of switching ideas. A friend recntly showed me that he was actively making money an idea I also came up with and had given up on. Now I ask myself when an initial effort fails: “who else might be willing to pay for this?” and “how can I ask for the sale?” before moving on.

More active pursuit of personal interests. I like listening to classical acoustic guitar and soothing ballads. I had no idea where to find this type of music. So I went to guitar center and asked. Now I know. I want to do more of this.

More fun-focused coworking sessions. A few months back I hosted a build something dumb mini hackathon. It was a lot of fun even though only a few people attended. I don’t care how many people show up. It’s still fun.

More willingness to walk away. I used to be more argumentative than I’d like. Now I walk away or change the subject when someone’s doing something weird or I don’t want to part of a conversation anymore.

More putting my best foot forward. I have sometimes express myself unclearly and made poor impressions. I agree with Vinh Giang that the 10/10 communicator always gets the opportunity over the 10/10 skill person when the latter is a 3/10 communicator. Now I try to make more persuasive arguments.